Ling Cod, Yellow Eye, and Black Bass hanging from a fish rack

Ling Cod / Rock Fish Fishing (Multi Species Trip)

About the trip

     Your trip begins when you arrive at our office in Ninilchik off Oil Well Road, where you meet with your captain and deckhand.  At our place you will gather all your gear that is needed for the trip, load it on the boat and we will talk about the days activities.  We then travel down to the boat launch at Anchor Point Beach to experience one of the unique parts of the trip, the tractor launch.  

     As we head out to the fishing grounds which is about a 70 mile trip heading out to the Gulf of Alaska, with a travel time of around 2.5-3 hours you will have the opportunity to look at 3 active volcanoes, Mt. Augustine (4,134’ and last erupted in 2006), Mt Iliamna (10,016’ and last erupted in 1876) and Mt Redoubt (10.197’ and last erupted 2009).  You will also be able to see otters and a variety of sea birds along with an occasional whale, you could even get a chance to see some coastal bears and mountain goats.  

     Once on the fishing grounds the crew will show you how to fish for the species that we are targeting at that location. You are actively fishing by moving your fishing pole up and down in a jigging motion also while keeping your jigs suspended off the bottom without getting snagged up on the different pinnacles. After about 7-8 hours of fishing we then head back to the boat launch and drive back onto the trailer that is hooked up to the log skidder.  

     Once back at our office we will off load the bounty from the sea for photos. We provide all the fish filleting (included in price) but we also offer vacuum packing services with our commercial vacuum packer to keep your fish as fresh as the day you caught it.  

Multi Species fishing rules and what to bring on your trip

LINGCOD • Season: July 1–December 31: 2 per day, 2 in possession, must be at least 35 inches long with head attached or 28 inches from tip of tail to front of dorsal fin with head removed. 

ROCKFISH • 5 per day, 10 in possession, only 1 per day, 2 in possession may be non-pelagic.


  • Valid Alaska Fishing License
  • Warm Clothing 
  • Rain Gear
  • Any Food or Drink you may want (we will have bottled water on the boat)
  • Camera
  • Sun Glasses

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